Monday, September 1, 2008

Education in Second Life

Somehow I missed the CS855 class on Tuesday that visited NMC Campus, so I ventured out by myself. I wasn't able to enter it at first (not yet a member) and ended up in a "place nearby". Everyone except you seems to know where they are going (although I did run into a few folks who were lost and texting in another language). It felt like New York or San Francisco, but finally, I was able to tranport myself to NMC.

Its a large area with very nice enhancements, the NMC people provided a wonderful tutorial (HUD object - get from robot figure) that transported your avatar to each new location along with a description of the building and events normally held at each. I found most of what I was looking for except the "Educational Center" mentioned on the field trip.
Gonick Amphitheater – 3 screens multimedia and streaming
Aho museum
Malcolm brown library
Jacob Hall
Sky boardroom - nice location for professional meetings
Spohrer center rooftop sculpture garden
Huntley ballroom
After the fun, I accidentally flew out of bounds (searching for the education center in the Ohio University SE corner) and decided my field trip was over. If you decide to give it a try, here is the location:
You can search in second life for these groups:
NMC Campus
NMC Members
Here are some helpful documents and tools:
NMC Campus Observer

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